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High-quality foundry mold means quality castings

Date: 2013-11-14

For foundries, mold quality means high-quality castings, means lower costs, higher output and profits.

At present, domestic mold industry has developed rapidly, only Gravity casting mold manufacturing plant will be at least hundreds, and with the development of the automotive industry and the influx of foreign capital, mold manufacturing plant, both in scale and technical strength in the growing . With the popularization and application of CNC machining equipment, the mold industry, the level of processing and abroad do not have much gap, many mold factory of the more advanced testing equipment, but our management level, the design concept, business concepts and their foreign counterparts than there is gap mold materials and heat treatment to strengthen the means is far behind developed countries. The current status of the casting mold manufacturing plant for practical experience, thinker and mold manufacturing and engineering and technical personnel to understand the casting process is very lacking, and the mold debugging and process validation is a hurdle that will step in the mold production process, because successful mold and mature technology is desired by many of today's technical force is weaker foundry.

Standardization of mold and mold standard parts of the application is the inevitable trend of development of mold industry in the future. This late start of the aluminum alloy gravity casting even more so. Only implemented for the standardization of the mold, in order to standardize the behavior of the mold factory, prompting the mold factory to be possible to provide inexpensive high-quality standard mold. The same time, the standardization and application of the standard mold of the mold, will enable the foundry is easier to monitor the quality of the mold, mold maintenance and maintenance more convenient. The use of mold standard parts, production economies of scale will help to change the mold industry is more variety, small batch production inefficient situation, to reduce costs and improve productivity.

In short, the precise size, high production efficiency, ease of use and maintenance is the eternal pursuit of the mold industry and the foundry industry.

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