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Dongguan King Chang De Gravity casting Co., Ltd.
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Dongguan Jinchang De gravity casting Co., Ltd. was founded in 1990, is a professional  enterprises Gravity casting. Located in Baisha, Humen Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, a village, We has 30 years of history, specializing in processing of Mold designing and making , the production and processing of aluminum alloy castings.

The company is mainly used in the production process have sand type (commonly known as sand mold) free casting, metal gravity casting, post-processes as sandblasting, shot blasting, heat treatment and mechanical plus. The company uses advanced automatic gravity casting equipment, vertical gravity casting machines imported from Taiwan, the total horizontal gravity casting machine, gravity tilt casting machine and multifunction gravity casting machine 28 sets, the maximum stroke of the product can do 1000MMX800MMX700MM . In addition to automatic core shooting machine, shot blasting machine, sandblasting machine, heat treatment machine, CNC CNC machining centers, milling machines and other equipment.

In addition to design a variety of casting molds, casting and machining as a whole is a production company characteristics. We can according to customer requirements and samples to mold design and production, to make a variety of rough and finished.

Division I's product areas include the class of automobile and motorcycle parts, train parts, mechanical parts, motors, fans, air compressor series, printing machine parts, carpentry and medical equipment parts. Type products are exported to Italy, France, the United States, Britain, Israel, Japan, Taiwan and other countries and regions, recognition and praise by the customers at home and abroad.

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